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Newest Dallas Duplex & Multi-Family Listings

These Dallas Duplex, Triplex & Fourplex properties have all just been listed for sale within the last seven days. If you don't see any properties here be sure to check back regularly as these listings will update dynamically. You can also expand your search to all Dallas multi-family property for sale. If you want to be the first to know when a new Dallas multi-family property hits the market click the "Save Search" button below and set up an email alert.

The Dallas Duplex Market

Dallas has a huge variety of multi-family properties peppered throughout the city. You'll find beautiful brick duplexes in Oak Lawn, Oak Cliff and East Dallas, some built by locally famous architects like Charles Dilbeck. There are also new construction multi-family properties going up all over town as demand for good quality rentals continues to grow.

Dallas used to be a great place to pick up cheap duplexes back in the day, especially if you were willing to put in some sweat equity. Well the word has gotten out and multi-family properties in Dallas have increased in price significantly. Of course so have rents, so it's still possible to see a good ROI and cap rate but it takes a little more to get into a property than it used to.

Types of Dallas Duplexes

Dallas multi-family homes typically have a "look" to them that really identifies them. It's hard to put a finger on but around here when we see a quality up/down brick duplex with a nice balcony on the front and some unique brickwork we say "Dallas!" immediately. You can find those solid brick duplexes in the East Dallas and Oak Lawn/Park Cities areas. For the biggest variety of multi-family styles in Dallas look to Oak Cliff where you will find some of those aforementioned brick duplexes as well as smaller side-by-side duplexes and gorgeous prairie-style duplexes and craftsman bungalows as well.

Owning & Managing a Dallas Duplex

Real estate investing is popular because technically you are making money while you sleep. And it's true that the rental income, property appreciation and tax benefits flow through to you as the owner even while you're asleep. But it still takes work to manage a Dallas multi-family property, and if you buy the wrong one for your needs you could end up with a part- time job that doesn't pay nearly as much as you thought it would. Be sure to work with The Stiles Group who can help you find a great property and a property manager too if you want help.

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